At Jo Read Dance, we believe that the best dance instruction comes from those who are dedicated, passionate, and who care about their student's individual needs.

We take great pride in our teaching staff here at Jo Read Dance. Not only are our dance teachers fully qualified instructors, most of our dance teachers are also currently dancing and teaching professionally within the dance industry. By continuing to be involved within the dance community, our teachers are able to provide our students with the most up to date teaching techniques and choreography. Our dance teachers are highly respected by our students, as they not only continue to demonstrate their passion and knowledge for dance inside the classroom, but they are also a friend and a role model outside of the classroom.

JRD Staff/Guest Teachers

Pam Cavaliere- director

Katrina cavaliere- artistic director

Brodie Masse- head teacher

Laurie- Ann Matthews

Emily Spearing

Nicholas Eichenberger

Magda Nastase

Tiffany Kriter

Kelly Johnson

Sydney McManus

Dani Matte

Andrea Galizia

Ken Pham

Kylie Thompson

Alvin Collantes

Akira Uchida

Kristen Carcone

David Norsworthy

Andrew Kyryzk

Kris Grzella

Malika Mowinski